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Dyno Tuning at Borelli Motor Sports



Custom Dyno Tuning In-House

Our Dynojet 224 Can Test Vehicles up to 2,000 HP and 200 MPH

Whether you’re modifying your street or track car, or having a vehicle prepped for an upcoming track-driving day or race, dyno tuning can be essential to achieving the proper performance. Borelli Motor Sports now has a Dynojet 224xLC dynamometer on-site for tuning most Ford, GM, Nissan/Infiniti, and Mopar (Dodge and Chrysler) vehicles — up to 2,000 HP and 200 mph.

Unlike a mail-order “one size fits all” tune, our custom-tuning solutions are tailored to your precise needs — from a high-performance street vehicle to a finely tuned race car. With the Dynojet 224, we can maximize your vehicle’s horsepower, torque and throttle response under actual load, or balance responsiveness with fuel economy to deliver the best performance for your driving requirements.

The Dynojet 224 is designed to test all RWD/FWD vehicles with the most consistent readings every time. Our goal is to provide you with the safest, most reliable tune — delivering as much horsepower as possible while preserving the life of your engine.

Leading Tuning Software and Handhelds

Borelli Motor Sports offers a choice of five of the leading tuning tools:

  • Diablo Sport — For tuning Ford, GM and Mopar vehicles
  • EFI Live — For tuning GM vehicles
  • HP Tuners — For tuning Ford and GM vehicles
  • SCT — For tuning Ford and GM vehicles
  • UpRev — For tuning Nissan and Infiniti vehicles

This enables us the greatest flexibility to tune your car to your specific requirements.

Our technicians are experts at optimizing your vehicle’s performance through a custom tune. But our Dynojet 224 is also available for rental in two-hour blocks or for a half day or full day if you are qualified to tune your vehicle on your own.

When to Tune Your Car

Dyno tuning your vehicle is essential under a variety of conditions such as when:

  • Adding a supercharger, turbo kit or nitrous oxide to your car
  • Adding a cold-air kit or exhaust system
  • Changing the gear ratio of your car
  • Making any change that might affect the factory drivability of your vehicle
  • Meeting the technical requirements to race under various sanctioning bodies

For racers, it’s nice to know that Dynojet is the official dynamometer of leading organizations including the Sports Car Club of America (SCCA), NASCAR and National Auto Sport Association (NASA). This makes Borelli Motor Sports a convenient choice to get your cars tested and certified before any race you enter.

Flexible Plans

Borelli Motor Sports provides a number of flexible dyno-tuning options:

  • Complete custom-tuning service packages for Ford, GM, Nissan/Infiniti, and Mopar vehicles
  • 3-run dyno packages
  • Rental of the Dynojet 224xLC for 2 hours, a half day (4 hours) or full day (8 hours)

Borelli Motor Sports technicians are available to provide assistance, if needed

Preparing for your Session

Make sure your car is mechanically sound and check all fluid levels prior to strapping it onto the dyno. We also suggest that you put street tires (not racing slicks) inflated to 36 psi on the drive wheels for the dyno runs. And if you’re tuning on your own, always have a plan. The clock starts running when your car straps down onto the dyno.

For pricing and additional information, call Jason at (408) 770-1220. Or you can e-mail [email protected].

Reserve a time to test your car during one of our Dyno Days, held in conjunction with Club Auto Sport’s Cars & Caffeine series and on other dates throughout 2014. Or schedule a Dyno Day exclusively for your car club members. Book now!


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Dynojet Tuning now available at Borelli Motor Sports, San Jose, CA