BMS, Club Sportiva, and PYSpeed Come Together To Provide An Automotive Heaven

Borelli Motor SportsClub Sportiva, and PYSpeed have come together in Club Auto Sport to provide an automotive heaven. Come and experience it! Our collaboration has brought you an exclusive look at Arkym’s J12 wheels on the Ferrari 458 Italia.

Our fascination with and love of automobiles and motorsports transcends age, gender, and race. When an exotic or modified car drives by, everyone gets a thrill and wants to have a better look. The sound of the exhaust pulsating through our body supplants our current thoughts and adheres to our synapses. The smell of hot brakes and burning rubber further gets our internals juiced and sears an indelible yearning for more. Enthusiasm for automobiles will never die and only grows stronger. The forces of nature have brought together Borelli Motor Sports, Club Sportiva, and PYSpeed to offer you a rare opportunity to fulfill all your automotive fantasies under one roof.

Walking into Borelli Motor Sports you instantly get the feeling that it’s more than a typical auto-mechanic shop. Lining two adjacent walls are one-of-a-kind exotic cars and race-prepped cars that are housed in a climate-controlled setting. After speaking to a few technicians, I found they have multiple decades of technical experience, and also a true passion for their trade and motor sports. It is simply not just all about business; it’s more like car soup with genuine people that love what we love: cars. On top of this, Borelli Motor Sports can make you and your car perform like a pro. Track this link to get you on the road, prepped for performance:

Club Sportiva brings forth a fantasy realized. Driven by automotive enthusiasts, Club Sportiva gives Club Members and non-members the choice to drive the most revered cars on the planet, including the benchmark for all super cars, the Ferrari 458 Italia, Aston Martin DB9, Bentley, Porsche 911 Turbo, Lamborghini, Lotus, and other exotics that keep your pulse rate speeding. Members also have the opportunity to share their exotic cars to earn points toward driving privileges. Many more services are available at

Your love for cars is shared with PYSpeed. PYSpeed provides you a selection of tasteful modifications from carbon fiber aerodynamic spoilers to exclusive forged wheels for your Ferrari, Porsche, Audi, BMW, Mercedes, and imports. Take your inspiration to the next level at

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