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Borelli Motor Sports is a premier automotive shop that provides exceptional maintenance and service, performance upgrades and modifications and award-winning restorations. Our knowledgeable mechanics are skilled craftsmen — all of them experts in their respective fields.

We specialize in making fast cars go faster and breathing new life into all types of collector cars including American muscle, exotic, and European Sports Cars. From street-legal aftermarket upgrades and Resto-mods to concours-level restorations, all you need to know is Borelli Motor Sports.

“We’re dedicated to providing top-quality
high-performance design and restoration services
to the collector car community.
- Scott Tucker, General Manager


Safe and Secure Storage Inside our Private Garage Located at Club Auto Sport



Need Safe and Secure Month-to-Month Storage for Your Collector Car in the San Francisco Bay Area?

Borelli Motor Sports currently has three vehicle storage opportunities available on a month-to-month basis within our private garage located inside the Club Auto Sport facility. We are easily accessed from all major highways and centrally located to both San Jose International and San Francisco International airports. Your vehicle will be placed on floor racks alongside other private sports cars and exotics in a secured environment. Easily access your collectible at any time with fair notice to our team

Please contact Krystal Sanchez at 408.770.1220 to learn more.

Automotive Tech Tips

Tip #1 Health Care for your Car
Tip #2 Are your tires keeping a firm grip?
Tip #3 10 Point checklist
Tip #4 Nitrogen in tires – not just a bunch of hot air
Tip #5 Braking 101
Tip #6 Sway Bars
Tip #7 Tire Facts - where the rubber meets the road
Tip #8 Forced Induction 101
Tip #9 Coil-Over Suspension
Tip #10 Weight Loss Program for your Car
Tip #11 Hot Flush Critical Powertrain Systems
Tip #12 Alignment & Suspension
Tip #14 Data Acquisition
Tip #15 Carburetors
Tip #16 Understanding Engines

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